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Cirium Sky

Operational aviation data management for the global aviation industry

Eliminate data silos

Cirium Sky is an aviation data management platform used by Cirium to create Cirium Sky products and deploy custom Powered by Cirium Sky solutions.  Cirium Sky brings aviation data into the heart of an organization, whether that be world leading data from the Cirium Core, an organization’s own datasets or a combination of both.

Trusted by leading organizations such as IATA, Rolls Royce, ICAO, GCAA and Alaska Airlines, Cirium Sky delivers a single source of truth, for efficient and effective operations for all aviation stakeholders.

  • Minimize disruption
  • Improve on-time performance
  • Reduce adverse environmental impact
  • Accelerate commercial decisions
  • Foster stakeholder collaboration
  • Improve passenger experience
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Cirium sky

Solve complex business and data infrastructure challenges for airlines, ANSPs and airports

Reduce project delivery costs

Minimize data acquisition and management costs and focus on using data to deliver operational efficiency.

Data, ready to go

Utilize world-leading data from Cirium alongside internal data to create a complete operations picture managed in one place

Fully customizable

Powered by Cirium Sky solutions provide the ultimate flexibility, supporting custom data, algorithms and business rules, tailored for individual enterprise needs

Multiple deployment options

Available on-premise or as a secure cloud-hosted service, Cirium Sky solutions are aligned with your enterprise hosting architecture an security policies.

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Lowering costs and environmental impact

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Avoiding turbulence through shared data

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