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Cirium Airline Profiles

The fastest way to monitor an airline’s fleet

Cirium Airline Profiles provides accurate airline fleet data for more than 1600 operators. With Cirium Profiles, aviation professionals can respond to market developments quickly. Profiles data ensures there’s never a knowledge gap when working with an airline.

Get instant access to a single overview of an airline’s fleet. Rich data and dynamic visualizations make it easy to find stories and provide high-quality commercial output for sales, marketing, or strategy purposes without learning a new software platform.

Cirium Profiles is available within Fleets Analyzer™ or Dashboard.

Boeing Dreamliner 787

CiriuM Profiles

Have all the answers

Understand competitor positions

Obtain detailed information on owner status of an airline’s fleet.

Analyze fleet makeup

View a granular breakdown for a fleet by aircraft master series.

View lessor risk by airline

A clear view of a lessor’s exposure by individual airline

Forecast demand

Utilize mean and median age of an airline’s fleet by specific aircraft master series

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New in Cirium Profiles

  • More aircraft
    Analyze all aircraft associated with an airline, not just equipment operated by the airline. Aircraft are included provided the airline has an active role with the aircraft – e.g., Owner, Manager, etc. 
  • Lessors
    View the lessors being used by the airline, and the aircraft on lease (available to Fleets Analyzer users only). 
  • Ownership type
    See the airline’s fleet breakdown by various types of ownership – e.g., unencumbered owner operator, operating lease, wet lease etc. (available to Fleets Analyzer users only). 
  • Age
    Clearly see how the airline’s aircraft are distributed in terms of age. 

Enhanced capabilities compared to other fleets databases

  • Speed
    A find-as-you-type dropdown list enables you to find your desired airline quickly, with the full summary loading in less than 0.2s on most systems.
  • Grouping, Pivoting
    Choose the grouping option you prefer from any of the following: Manufacturer, Family, Type, Master Series, and Series. 
  • Filtering
    Filter by any of the following: Operator, Status, Manufacturer, Family, Market Class, Type, Engine Series, Ownership (Fleets Analyzer users only), and Lessors (Fleets Analyzer users only). 
  • Visualizations
    With so much more data on the page, it’s important that you can spot key information quickly, so each table has an associated visualization.

Contact Cirium for information on standard or premium profiles

    We want to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at Cirium* and email you about relevant services, products, industry insights and events.

    *Cirium is a tradename of LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group. By registering your details, you understand that your personal data will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.

    Competitive intelligence for airlines

    Example: By tracking the average age of a fleet by aircraft type, executives can assess future investment plans of any airline. More widebodies on-order could be a sign that an airline is expanding their route network to more long-haul options. Alternatively, this could be an indicator that their existing widebody fleet is coming to the end of its life and they are replacing them newer more fuel-efficient aircraft.

    Cirium Profile options

    Cirium Profiles is included with Cirium Dashboard and Cirium Fleets AnalyzerTM. Dashboard clients will access the standard version and Fleets Analyzer customers the premium version.

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